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We like to think of ourselves as a green space helpline. Here are some handy guides to help your space!

Signing Up for Water Access

How to sign up for the $120/year flat rate water access in Baltimore City. All community-managed open spaces are eligible.

Water Meter Application & Installation Guide

How to install a water meter on your community-managed open space.

Plant identification

How to ID over 20 plants found around Baltimore.

Plant removal

The best time and practices to remove plants.

Forest patch first aid guidebook

Concerned about dumping, safety, and vines that may be smothering trees? This guide has everything you need to know to be a good steward of your local woods.

Event planning worksheet

Plan events for forest work.

Event sign-in sheet

sheet for your events.

Waiver form

Liability waiver format for your forest work events.

Greening grant resource list

Thinking of creating a green space or have one and looking for ways to fund it? Here is a list of organizations and programs to help do just that!

Start and keep a community green space

Advice for Project Leaders from Baltimore Green Space.

How to help resident greeners

A Tip Sheet for Community Organizers from Baltimore Green Space.

Guide to installing a shipping container on your site

Are you considering a shipping container for your garden site? 

Guide to solar lights

There are many affordable options for solar powered, motion sensor lights.

How to achieve mosquito-free greenspaces

They can cause issues for community green spaces. We wrote a guide to help you beat the bite.

Preserving community-managed

Preserving community-managed open spaces

Criteria and process.

Overview of acquisition

Overview of acquisition process per CMOS

Transfer of lots in use as community-managed open space from Baltimore City to a land trust.

Parks and other green environments

Essential components of a healthy human habitat.

The effect of community gardens on neighboring property

Furman Center for real estate & urban policy.

Assessing Urban Forest Patch Health: A Protocol from Baltimore

Created with University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Johns Hopkins University; the USDA Forest Service; and Baltimore Green Space

This document is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the health indicators of your city’s forest patches, such as native plants, invasive plants, and soil health.

Why conserve small forest fragments and individual small trees?

Read this great article to find out.

Baltimore’s forest patches (2013)

Maps and figures about Baltimore’s forest patches

Baltimore forest patch atlas

Our Baltimore Forest Patch Atlas shows Baltimore’s forest patches as identified through a 2012-2013 GIS analysis.

Experts Share Their Tips for Creating the Perfect Community Garden

Experts share their tips for creating the perfect community garden

We were interviewed along with other leaders in community greening to provide tips for the community.

The TreeKeepers program

Sponsored by TreeBaltimore educates residents and increases their role in the care of the City’s trees.

There’s new scientific research that shows how living near a forest benefits your brain health.

Living near a forest keeps your amygdala healthier

Funding trees for health

A new report by the Nature Conservancy argues that the urban canopy should be considered—and funded—as a part of a city’s public health infrastructure.

How to conserve trees

Here’s a great resource produced by the USDA Forest Service that discusses how to conserve trees. Special thanks goes out to James a student from Home School Adventures who found this page for us!

Tree baltimore

Tree Baltimore - Trees at no or low cost

An umbrella organization for all City agencies, private organizations and individuals in their effort to increase the tree canopy of Baltimore.

Blue Water Baltimore - Clean water

Restoring the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities.

Baltimore Orchard Project - Keeping communities healthy

Cultivating orchards, cultivating communities

Conceptualizing social-ecological drivers of change in urban forest patches

Introducing a conceptual model of the urban forest patch as a complex social-ecological system, incorporating cross-scale interactions.


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