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Tree and Plant Identification

Learn how to identify trees in your community forest patch! This includes a guided tour of a local forest patch as well as general safety tips.

Why Forest Patches

This workshop discusses the reason BGS focuses on forest patches, their environmental impact and presence in Baltimore and the scientific research we’ve done in Baltimore to learn more about forest patches. It discusses what we have learned about forests and what impacts that understand has for Baltimore.

Villainous Vines

This hands on workshop educates attendees on how invasive vines can kill trees, smother native plants, and prevent saplings from growing. We discuss safely removing the vines and disposal. Part of this event includes participants doing practical removal from an invaded area.

How to Start and Keep a Green Space

This workshop briefly covers the steps of starting a green space and land permission. We also drill down on the preservation process in detail. Come ready to bounce ideas!

Preservation Education Sessions

Want to make sure your neighborhood’s green space remains green in your neighborhood forever? We’ll share information about the green spaces in our city, cover the spectrum and levels of land security for green space. This is an interactive workshop with a technical assistance component, so green space leaders are encouraged to attend and bring information (site address, history,…) to share.

Greening Grants Session

This workshop provides participants with a general overview of the grant funding process with grant application review experts. We review the basic components of a grant proposal, learn what grant reviewers look for in successful applications, and share ideas for greening projects!

Forest Patch First Aid

This is a workshop built around our guide Forest Patch First Aid, which teaches about community engagement and forest care. We discuss how to figure out where to start in your forest and how to get the community involved.

Please contact us to request a workshop or suggest a new one! Many of our workshop offerings have emerged from local stewards’ ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

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