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Mount Clare Street Community Garden

Mount Clare Street Community Garden, half a block from the Hollins Street Market at 1017 Boyd Street, was established in 1999.

The garden grew out of a neighbor’s desire to be self-reliant, attract wildlife, beautify the neighborhood and eat organic food. Over the years, residents of the Hollins Roundhouse and Union Square neighborhoods who shared that vision created, among other things, two goldfish ponds aerated by a solar-powered pump and covered by a grape arbor, a chicken aviary, a Buddhist pagoda tool shed, a birdbath, and stone sculptures. Gardeners also contributed perennials, fruit trees and improved soils. Approximately half the garden is open to passers-by. Wildlife observed includes raccoon, Cooper’s and sharp-shinned hawks, Baltimore orioles, brown thrashers, winter wrens, hermit thrushes, monarch and tiger swallowtail butterflies, praying mantis, yellow and black garden spiders. Chickens and Charmer the cat keep watch over the garden. Check out their website at or find them on Facebook at

Other Green Spaces

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Victorine Q. Adams Memorial Garden

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