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Charles M. Halcott Square

Charles M. Halcott Square is a sitting garden at 104 South Duncan Street in Butchers Hill.

It’s also known as “The Miracle in the Middle,” so named by a neighborhood grandmother. Established in the 1970s, the park was officially named in honor and memory of local activist and Recreation and Parks employee Charles M. Halcott. Along with decorative brick work, the garden is filled with flowers, ornamental plantings and trees. Benches, tables and sitting areas make the park popular for formal and informal community gatherings. Besides these lovely physical elements – luna moths, woodcock, foxes and other wildlife have been seen there. You might wonder how they find the place in the middle of the city. “We have a pair of lungs in here,” says Steve Young,  garden manager.  For further information, contact Steve at young [AT]  

Other Green Spaces

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