Springfield Woods

4200 St. Georges Ave. (across the street)

Once the summertime childhood play space of musical legend Cab Calloway and the children of civil rights lawyer W. H. Hawkins and banker Harry O. Wilson among others through the years, the Springfield Woods is a 3.5-acre urban forest oasis in northeast Baltimore.

Located at the cusp of the neighborhoods of Wilson Park, Pen Lucy, and Original Northwood, the Springfield Woods is found across from 4200 St. Georges Ave. , Baltimore MD.

The centerpiece of the forest is a restored freshwater spring which is the site of the beginning cleanup on January 1, 2012. Since then the Springfield Woods has been transformed from a dump to a clean community greenspace with the help of nearby residents, high school, and university students among others who donated everything from gardening tools to stools and benches to the sometimes much needed cold beverage on a hot day.

The Springfield Woods has been the place for bird walks, nature and foraging hikes, scientific studies, and even simple daily dog walks through the forest trails.

For further information contact the forest steward at butchberry@gmail.com or leave a message 310 737 8365

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