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The Remington Village Green

Founded in 2008, the Remington Village Green (2812-2822 Fox Street) is a space for growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, native plants, and flowers, to promote community participation, wellness, and sustainable food practices.

A rotating cast of about 25 gardeners cultivate and beautify the garden, and host events such as cookouts, art days, and Easter egg hunts. Community plantings such as fruit trees (fig, peach, pear, cherry, and plum), berries (blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries), asparagus, herbs, and hibiscus are enjoyed by all. Partners include Parks and People, the Church of the Guardian Angel, the Greater Remington Improvement Association, and the Center for Social Concern at Johns Hopkins. The gardeners hope to offer even more art, garden education, and community celebration, and be an example of how hands-on neighborhood improvement efforts bring beauty and liveliness to formerly discarded spaces. For more information, contact Ashlie Kauffman at remingtonvillagegreen [AT] or visit their Facebook page.

Other Green Spaces

Charles M. Halcott Square

A shaded sitting spot known as “The Miracle in the Middle.”

Victorine Q. Adams Memorial Garden

This space grows vegetables, works with youth, and allows for spiritual renewal.

Brentwood Commons

A beautiful, grassy gathering space, nestled between rowhouses.