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Are you a nature-lover? We’re always looking for passionate people to work alongside. Join us!

Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn and make a difference.

Volunteer with Baltimore Green Space! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available for folks looking to help support us! Keep an eye out for forest and garden care days where you can help maintain the green spaces we work with, remove invasive vines, or help out with special events! We can also connect you with nearby site leaders to start regularly volunteering!

Do you work with an organization looking for opportunities for volunteer days? Are you looking to partner with community leaders to help out with a project in their local green space? We can help connect you with leaders looking for groups of volunteers, and can help coordinate the project!

A gift of your time is a very generous way to support the programs of Baltimore Green Space. Please call 410-657-5117 or e-mail [email protected] to inquire about current opportunities.

Some examples of volunteer work:

Offer start up consultations with sites that are starting a green space.

Each people how to find out the ownership of the land they would like to work on.

Connect sites to grant resources.

Connect sites with experts who can help with plant diseases or other specialty questions they have.

Provide site community organizing expertise and outreach assistance.

Work with city partners to follow up on applications for water or to adopt lots.

Leverage volunteer resources to preserve sites.

How to volunteer:

Email us at [email protected] to hear about what we’re working on and how you can help, or sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

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