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Stillmeadow Peace Park

Stillmeadow Peace Park is 10 acres of forest land and a stream located at 5110 Frederick Ave. 

Stillmeadow Peace Park is 10 acres of forest land and a stream located at 5110 Frederick Ave.  They work to educate the wider community about caring for the environment through their example as environmental stewards and by introducing neighbors to a beautiful and welcoming natural environment, which inspires people to enjoy and respect the earth.

Community members can enjoy a beautiful and meditative space for the use of the members of the faith community as well as neighbors and visitors. This space provides habitat for birds, small mammals, insects and native plantings while providing a venue for educational experiences for those who visit.

Peace park is home to, or is in the process of developing an organic apiary with several honey bee hives, gardens to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables and meditation stations sprinkled throughout the park.

The community Peace Park property will be well equipped with digital audio/video access and timed motion detection for early morning and after dusk monitoring that will be managed by Stillmeadow Community Projects Inc., a nonprofit organization.

The park is open to collaborate on research and observational projects within the 10 acres of organic space in the city of Baltimore and available for urban camping.

For more information about events, opportunities to explore the forest, or to volunteer, please contact the forest steward Yorell Tuck at [email protected]. To learn more about Stillmeadow Peace Park visit their website at

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