Springfield Woods

4200 St. Georges Ave. (across the street) Once the summertime childhood play space of musical legend Cab Calloway and the children of civil rights lawyer W. H. Hawkins and banker Harry O. Wilson among others through the years, the Springfield Woods is a 3.5-acre urban forest oasis in northeast Baltimore. Located at the cusp of […]

Baltimore’s New Sustainability Plan

“The ideal of sustainability is a world where all people’s needs are met now and into the future. This obviously requires that we take care of our home, Earth.” This is a principle that guides the work of our Executive Director, Miriam Avins, and is one of the values that drive Baltimore Green Space. In […]

The Plot Thickens: Recipes for Garden Plot Management

By Molly McCullagh Each garden preserved by Baltimore Green Space is unique, with its own setting and history. But they are all managed by community volunteers to benefit the wider community. This month, Johnny Shaw, Ashlie Kauffman, and Jan Mooney, three of our heroic garden leaders, share tips for getting the work done. Ashlie manages […]

Wonderment in the Baltimore Wild

By Katie Lautar The Maryland Community Naturalist Network (MCNN) is in the business of revealing the magic of the natural world in Baltimore’s backyards and forest floors. Each second Saturday, they host a walk. Last month, they partnered with the resident leaders at Fairwood Forest, a four-acre forest in the Glenham Belhar neighborhood. When the […]

Braving the Bugs to Benefit Green Spaces

By Katie Lautar & Molly McCullagh Baltimore Green Space is excited to announce the launch of our Garden Stewardship program! The goal of the Garden Stewardship program is to provide even more support for the garden leaders at our ten preserved sites, especially by offering educational workshops. So far, our garden stewards have asked for […]

The Power of Pruning

By Katie Lautar & Molly McCullagh This time of year, Baltimore gardeners excitedly place their seed orders and anxiously wait for the chilly weather to break before they put lettuce and spinach seeds in the ground. But while we wait for warmer days, there are some plants that need our attention – our fruit trees. […]

Foxes, Duff, and Forest Stewards

By Abby Rammelkamp It wasn’t news to the crowd at the Fantastic Forests Forum in November: forests are fantastic. One-hundred-twenty scientists, forest stewards and other community members, and staff from nonprofits and government agencies as far away as New York City and China joined Baltimore Green Space to hear about Baltimore’s community forests. For five […]

Behind the Scenes with Baltimore Green Space

When we preserved McAllister Park in Greenmount West a few weeks ago, a long-time resident noted, “The sound of children playing in the street is more aggressive; in the park, it’s more adventurous.” What does it take to ensure that a community’s hard work can endure as a lasting refuge? Countless resources and hours of […]

Exploring Fairwood Forest

On a Saturday morning in late September, Daisy Sudano-Pellegrini, a forest steward of Fairwood Forest and certified Master Naturalist, waited in a forest clearing wondering whether anyone else would show up. Suddenly, two young boys came running up the road, followed later by 34 more people, making our largest event in one forest yet! The […]

Myths of the Urban Forest

What good is a forest patch? We’ve heard many negative assumptions. Join us on November 9th at our Fantastic Forest Forum to hear why forest patches are important to Baltimore. And for a spoiler, read on for the top five myths about forest patches.      Myth: Urban soils are all compacted. Fact: Our study of 22 […]

Growing Young Leaders

by Abby Rammelkamp Mr. Lewis Sharpe has been gardening at the Duncan Street Miracle Garden for 34 years, improving the neighborhood, beautifying it, and nourishing the neighbors. In addition to the vegetables and fruits that grow there, this year the garden is cultivating another important crop: young people. The teens are employed by the Common […]

Grounded in the Garden

By Abby Rammelkamp 2017 marks Baltimore Green Space’s 10-year anniversary! But before the land trust, there was the Homestead Harvest Community Garden, which Baltimore Green Space founder Miriam Avins started with her neighbors in 2004 in a derelict lot next to her house in Better Waverly. If it weren’t for Homestead Harvest, Miriam says, Baltimore […]

A Band of Birders

Baltimore Green Space holds our first bird banding demonstration By Molly McCullagh & Katie Lautar Colin Studds’ research often takes him to the Caribbean to study migratory song birds that overwinter in Jamaica; this season, he’s more likely to be found in a forest patch in Baltimore City. One chilly Sunday, Baltimore Green Space hosted […]

10 Years of Baltimore Green Space

It’s hard for us to believe…but Baltimore Green Space is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! What do we have to show for it? We’ve preserved 9 community-managed open spaces in neighborhoods from East Baltimore to Pigtown to Hanlon Park to Remington…and more. Our sites are directly connected to more than 180 hands-on community members […]

Researchers in the Woods

What happens when Baltimore Green Space, UMBC and the U.S. Forest Service team up to put researchers in Baltimore’s neighborhood forest patches? Only good things – and nobody even got poison ivy! Right now the woods are dormant…enjoy this throwback to our summer. This past summer we surveyed ten community forest patches with the goal […]

Protecting Play

They say you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until you lose it – but the residents of Baltimore’s Greenmount West neighborhood are doing their best to stay ahead of the game. McAllister Park steward Cory Adcock-Camp and her neighbors have asked Baltimore Green Space to preserve their fenced-in grassy park where children play and people […]

Working the Woods!

November was a busy month for forest patches! Baltimore Green Space and three of its forest patches teamed up with the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega of Johns Hopkins University for a vine removal, a planting, and a “trash harvest.”  In all, 36 volunteers removed 46 bags of vines and trash, planted 10 native […]

Bird Walk Bash!

It’s a warm June day on the sidewalk outside Springfield Woods, but it’s 10 degrees cooler inside the woods, where a dozen people are looking upward into the tree branches and listening for bird calls. Was that a catbird call? “No,” says Helene, “it was a mockingbird imitating a catbird.” Welcome to Baltimore Green Space’s […]