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Belvedere Forest is a 0.5 acre plot located in the 700 block of East Belvedere, next to the Belvedere square parking lot.

A shady green space in the Belvedere, Govans community, Belvedere forest is a work in process as we pull out trash and invasive ivy while reforesting the space with native trees and plants. Trails, pollinator gardens and ponds are in the making! A fun array of fungi appear daily throughout the summer and fall, and this little space has many visitors and inhabitants such as Hawks, owls, woodpeckers, orioles and a variety of other birds! It is also home to Foxes, raccoons, possums, fireflies, dragonflies, both blue and yellow swallowtail butterflies and a turtle.

This forest is a place where visitors can come to read a book,  birdwatch, do some art or just sit in the shade and relax and take a deep breath. The space provides a little sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

There are always opportunities to pull and cut vines, remove trash, water and plant native vegetation plants, or even help install bird or bat houses! For more information about opportunities to explore the forest or volunteer, please contact Eric Fishel at [email protected]

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