Bird Walk Bash!

It’s a warm June day on the sidewalk outside Springfield Woods, but it’s 10 degrees cooler inside the woods, where a dozen people are looking upward into the tree branches and listening for bird calls. Was that a catbird call? “No,” says Helene, “it was a mockingbird imitating a catbird.” Welcome to Baltimore Green Space’s […]

Land and Well-being – and Taxes

Just off the busy intersection at North and Greenmount Avenues is Brentwood Commons, a peaceful park with trees, grass, and flowering shrubs. Since this tiny space was created from the ruins of an abandoned garage, all the alley houses facing it have been rehabbed or purchased for rehab. In West Baltimore just south of Hanlon […]

A Neighborhood Father in Hanlon Park

There never would have been a garden if Warren “Johnny” Shaw hadn’t gotten a summons from Baltimore City in 2008 to clean up an abandoned lot he didn’t even own. In fact, the City owned it, but the lot was an eyesore and Johnny agreed that it needed to be cleaned up.

Father to a Forest

Like Butch Berry, plenty of people are sad that kids “don’t know how to play in the woods anymore.” But Butch, who leads the restoration of Springfield Woods, is actually doing something about it. He’s pulling out poison ivy and cutting paths, and getting neighbors into the woods to experience nature and get invested.